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We are a consultant specializing in intellectual property, registration and trademark management. We serve our clients with the transparency and strict management of all processes, in the diverse realities that any company needs so that it can "underline" its Brand in the Market in a solid, safe and profitable way.
European Trademark
The registration of a trade mark entitles its holder to hold an exclusive certificate conferring on it the right to prevent third parties from using, in their focus commercial markets without their consent, signs identical or similar to their Logo, to products or services identical to those of its exclusivity.
Receive free follow-up from a specialist trademark consultant. It can support you in all your questions and needs regarding your brand.

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Clarify your most pertinent questions about the registration and management of a trademark.
Get access to the world of intellectual property, and know how important it is for your business to protect your brand.
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We are based in one of the most noble areas of the extraordinary city of Lisbon.